Doctor Reviews – A Topnotch Source For Finding Quality Medical Referrals

If you are wondering how to go about finding the best physician for your medicinal needs, then look no further than doctor reviews. The days of pestering friends and family for recommended practitioners are in the past, as the most efficient way to find professional care is much simpler. By utilizing the handy online database of doctor reviews from certain websites, you search will be completed without any trouble and in a short amount of time.

Most care-seeking patients might not think to consult the information super highway for their medical needs, but in fact, this is the best source available. After providing a small amount of personal information and a few mouse clicks, you will have located the provider of quality health care that you need.

The reasons for using this search strategy are many, but perhaps one of the best is because it is totally private. By going online and reading what other, former patients of a particular physician have to say about his or her practice, you can find the information you need without having to ask anyone in person. For instance, what if you have a medical condition that is of a sensitive subject matter and you would prefer to talk about it as little as possible? After all, medicine should be a totally confidential matter that is shared between patient and doctor.

The requirements for using this method are simple enough, as you only need access to a computer and the internet. For a lot of us, this will be possible without leaving your own home. What is even better is that it will likely require little of your time to find what you are looking for. Searching through doctor reviews can be done as you take care of other daily internet tasks, such as checking or writing emails.

The advantages continue to stack up for this great way to find health care, so more and more people are using it. This translates into more and more reviews and ratings to help make your decision easier. The more reviews there are for a particular, the more reliable the general consensus of the individual’s practice. This can make a difference between paying a lot for sub-par treatment or receiving the topnotch care you deserve and require.

Do yourself a tremendous favor and start looking today and find out what everyone is talking about when they mention how fast and efficient the use of doctor reviews are. These sites are trustworthy and can be accessed instantly. After you try this procedure, you will never go back to bothering friends and family about who to seek treatment from, as you will know that the internet is so much faster and reliable. To start, all you need to supply is type of clinician or treatment you are seeking and then enter your city’s name. In no time at all, you will be privy to all of the most reliable, locally accessible doctors near you.

Enzyte Reviews

If you are considering taking a penis enhancement medication, then it is important to read all of necessary reviews in order to know if it is right for you. This is especially true if you are considering consuming a controversial drug, such as Enzyte. Many men take the risk and purchase Enzyte because they do not need a prescription. This choice is up to you, but you should find out what other men are saying about it.

A Bad Beginning

Enzyte has actually been on the market since October of 2001. After it was released, it immediately got caught up in a very bad controversy. The company was stating that the medicine can permanently increase the size of your penis. Customers quickly found out that this was very far from the truth and demanded a refund. During this process, the company backtracked and rewrote their claim. Instead of saying that it would increase the size, they simply said that it would give men a “fuller and firmer” erection.

Negative Reviews

The people who purchased Enzyte were given the option to sign up for a 1 month trial, which many men decided to do since they were not sure about the product. Instead, they were continuously charged month after month, receiving shipments of medicine that they no longer wanted to use. It was a very frustrating process because they could not get out of the billing process easily. Also, Enzyte was claiming to give refunds and instead they froze up their account so that none could be given.

Continuous Controversy

The company who makes Enzyte, known as Berkeley, has admitted to their mistakes but they are still wrapped up in legal battles. Not all of the refunds have been given and for this, many men are still wary about trying the drug. Another factor is due to the fact that the medicine was never validated by the Food and Drug Administration. While this does make it convenient so that you do not have to have a prescription, it is not a very safe way to be treated.

Pros and Cons

The reviews for Enzyte are all different. Some men prefer the convenience of not having to ask the doctor for a prescription and having to go through the embarrassment of talking about it. Others prefer the fact that it is more of a supplement than a drug. However, there are also the men who say that the drug does not affect them at all. There is a reason that many of the men no longer wanted their shipments of the medicine, even if they were getting charged without permission. If the medicine had actually worked, they might not have been so upset about getting a full refund.

Is it a Wise Choice?

There are no true side effects reported, especially since the FDA never had the chance to review the drug. If there are side effects known of, we are not notified. However, the supplements found in the drug, such as an African tree extract has many negative side effects, such as urinary tract infections. Other extracts in Enzyte are not healthy for anyone suffering from diabetes or heart problems to consume. The choice is yours to make, based on the reviews that have been reported. Make sure that you consult with your doctor prior to taking the supplement.

Cold Sore Medicine Review – Abreva

You can find Abreva Cold Sore Treatment over-the-counter at most any pharmacy aisle in any store. Abreva is approved by the FDA and says it will reduce the healing time for a cold sore or fever blister. The question is, does it work? We will take a look in a minute.

The Abreva product comes in a relatively tiny 2 gram tube. You can find it retailing for approximately $15 in all stores, or through the Internet.

In reading the directions, it states that you should put the medicine directly on the area where you feel the cold sore coming on. You’re to do this 5 times throughout the day. Abreva says that the key is to begin treatment before the cold sore actually breaks out.

As someone who has cold sores a couple of times during the year, I know how tough they can be to deal with, especially after breaking out. So, I’m always looking for a cold sore medicine that works. With that said, here is my review of Abreva.

1. I found myself having some trouble getting the package open. There is no way to get it open without scissors. Then, when you do get to it, the tube is very tiny, leaving you to wonder if there is anything in it.

2. I found that Abreva took almost a week to take away my pain, not a few days that the product claims. I must say, prescription cold sore medicine is much faster working.

3. Abreva Cold Sore Treatment didn’t eliminate my cold sore quickly. It did work, but not as well as other cold sore medications I’ve used in the past, and nowhere near as fast as a prescription.

4. I was out of Abreva after only 10 days of use. I used it exactly as the directions stated, but the tube didn’t last long. I was a little disappointed to say the least.

I have talked with others who have had good luck with Abreva, but I’m not in that group. I can’t give Abreva a high rating compared to other cold sore medicines available.

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